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The excellent pianist Götz Payer, her partner on the piano, corresponds exquisitely. Every nuance is just right, the dynamic reversals are finely balanced (...), and the meaningful punch lines of the singing voice are mirrored meticulously and soulfully. No wonder that the disc was nominated for the German Record Critics' Award.

CD "...Into the Deepest Sea!" with Sarah Wegener



Götz Payer, one of the currently most sought-after German song accompanists (...) carries Rubens on piano sounds, empathizes, goes along mindfully anticipating.

Song recital Vielklangfestival with Sibylla Rubens




Sarah Wegener lets her wonderfully luminous, powerful and colorful voice glide with calm, perfectly balanced vibrato over the waters, which her pianist Götz Payer conjures up, sometimes delicately pearling, sometimes with powerful waves.

CD "...Into the Deepest Sea!" with Sarah Wegener Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung




(...) Payer knows how to capture the tones between the tones. And that is the impressive thing about his art.

Lieder recital Hildesheim Kulturring with J.Prégardien   Hildesheim General Newspaper




(...) in combination with the fabulous Götz Payer, whose dark compact piano sound forms a perfect base

Lieder recital Staatstheater Stuttgart with Esther Dierkes and Björn Bürger
Stuttgarter Zeitung




Götz Payer suit admirablement les inflexions du texte, il fait chanter son piano en lintégrant parfaitement au phrasé de Goethe.

CD "How beautiful to dream here" Schweizer Musikzeitung




This is also the hour of the pianist Götz Payer, who spreads out a carpet of sound that lets one experience the terrible events at the royal court very closely.

Recital Tonhalle Zurich with Andreas Weller Neue Zürcher Zeitung



The pianist Götz Payer accompanied the singer so gently and naturally that the sound of the instrument and the human voice seemed to come from one brain and heart.

Liederabend Stuttgart with Marie Seidler Esslinger Zeitung



The high song art of the lyrical tenor and his accompanist consists in presenting the changes in all intensive density and drama (...) The impressed audience applauded after a short affected silence as stormily as it was hardly ever heard in this place.

Liederabend Winterreise Stuttgart with Andreas Weller Stuttgarter Zeitung



Payer proved to be an ideal accompanist in all passages (...)

Lieder recital Ulm "the beautiful Magelone "with Andreas Weller and Cornelius Hauptmann Südwest Presse




At the piano, Götz Payer proved to be a sensitive accompanist and wonderful arranger.

Lieder recital Staatsthater Stuttgart with Helene Schneiderman Stuttgarter Zeitung



Götz Payer dives into the demonic sound magic of Franz Schubert in a particularly oppressive way with an affirmative after-feeling (...) that was great, deeply touching art. The way they brought the romantic magic to sound in the shimmer of tears on this concert evening, one could not escape it.

Lieder evening Stuttgart "Schwanengesang" with Andreas Weller Schorndorfer Nachrichten



(...)and then Götz Payer was allowed to let his soloistic skills sound in the richly filled, champagne-swooshing exuberant movement of Liszt's piano arrangement of that "dedication" of Schumann.

Lieder recital Haigst with Andreas Weller Degerlocher Zeitung




...The song is alive and touching, as ever!

CD "...Into the Deepest Sea!" with Sarah Wegener     Radio Classic Vienna


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